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Minnesota’s #1 Installer of Mesh Pool Fence – Your First Step to Pool Safety Is Installing a Physical Pool Barrier

Installing a pool fence from Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota is the most important pool safety measure you may ever take. Nothing is more effective to keep little ones out of the pool 24/7 than installing an unclimbable pool barrier.

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Put safety first. Don’t take the risk.

69 percent of drowning incidents occur when supervision failed and there were no other protective measures in place. Drowning is fast, silent and it can happen right in front of your eyes. While multiple layers of protection (e.g. door locks, pool alarms, ISR instruction, designated water watchers, supervision etc.) are highly recommended, the first thing you should do—and the only step that can create peace of mind—is to put in a safety fence.

Pool Fences Saves Lives
A pool fence reduces the risk of drowning by almost 90%

Why More Customers Choose Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota – Voted Best Pool Fencing by Parents

  • #1 local installer with 20+ years’ experience in installing pool fences in Minnesota! Plus, over 20 years childproofing! A-CPC Certified!
  • Removable mesh fence and pool gates are convenient and easy to use!  Parents can choose to leave the fence up all year or easily remove with no tools. Pool gates add ease of access for adults and they match the color and height of your fence.
  • We install the strongest, best pool fencing available—Life Saver solid core pool fence is so durable, they can last throughout any inclement weather in Minnesota. They were voted “Best Pool Fencing” for a reason.
  • 100 Year Warranty! Learn more here.
  • Estimates and installations are prompt! Quick, friendly service.
  • We do not sub-contract the installation (Owner Peter is on site from beginning to end). We’re a family-owned and operated business.
  • Our mesh fences are incredibly “see through” providing a clear line of site to your pool. Black mesh fence is the most transparent of all colors (your home’s window screens are black because they are the least visually impacting!). Customers have told us, “we hardly notice it…” View our gallery to see!
  • Educate your family on how to stay safe near pools! As child safety experts, we take a proactive approach maximizing the safety and function of your fence, while being minimally invasive. We leave you with helpful safety resource materials!

“I choose to install Life Saver Pool Fence because it’s the very best product on the market. It’s the safest, strongest safety fencing a parent can count on to protect children, toddlers and pets near pools.” – Owner, Peter Kerin

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    Know The Facts. Life Saver Pool Fence Saves Lives.

    Your Family Deserves the Best“The American Academy of Pediatrics states the #1 safety precaution for pool safety is a non-climbable 4-foot-tall fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Any other precaution may be of benefit but only used in addition to a pool fence.” – Owner, Peter Kerin

    Our fencing is recognized by swim safety and pool safety organizations around the Country, and it’s recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Even with adult supervision, 77% of drownings occur less than five minutes after the child was last seen. The CDC reports that, with the exception of birth defects, drowning is responsible for more deaths in children ages one to four than any other cause (source: Adult supervision is not a guarantee!

    Note to Parents: pool fences are very easy to live with! With a certified professional installer, you will be able to relax more knowing children are safe. If you ever decide to sell your home, pool fences often minimize a buyer’s objections while increasing your home’s value!

    Note to Grandparents: did you know that making your pool safer could increase the likelihood of visits from grandchildren.

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    Life Saver mesh pool fence installed with solar lights

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    Work directly with our Owner Peter Kerin, an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer A-CPC, who has kept the Twin Cities and beyond safe for decades! Peter is a Board Member for IAFCS (International Association for Child Safety) and he’s built a reputation on his “measure twice, cut once” precision installations and minimally intrusive approach.

    About Minnesota

    Minnesota, the 12th largest State, features a diverse landscape with everything from prairies to forests to farms, woods, and Cities. The State has beautiful scenery (such as Lake Superior and more than 10,000 lakes including Lake Itasca), good schools, excellent housing, and relatively low unemployment; and it often appears near the top of indexes for livability. Both new construction and mid-Century homes can be seen with many built since the 1980’s. Homes tend to be mostly single-family homes with 1/3 acre lots or larger.

    There are estimated to be well over 30,000 pools (source) in Minnesota and many backyard pools are under construction. While many in-ground pools can cost upwards of $50-60K to install, a child proof pool fence is relatively small investment into keeping our priceless children and pets safe! Whether you are in the Twin Cities area Minneapolis–Saint Paul or anywhere in the State, Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota can install pool fence into both above ground pools and in-ground pools. In fact, mesh fence can also be used as barriers for everything from Lakes to ponds, canals, and almost any body of water as well as on landscaped areas, spas, and waterfalls.

    Areas We Serve

    Serving the Twin cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) and beyond. We install pool fences in different counties and surrounding cities in Minnesota which include Anoka County, Carver County, Dakota County, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Olmstead County, Washington County, and Scott County.


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