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Owner Peter Kerin is a professional, authorized Life Saver Pool Fence installer, an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer A-CPC, a proud father and an active member of the Minnesota child safety community.

  • #1 local Minnesota pool fence installer for over 20 years, onsite from start to finish on every job.
  • My experience helps parents maximize the safety and function of their fence, while being minimally intrusive.
  • Professional childproofer for over 21 years (Owner of Foresight Childproofing).
  • I am more than installer. I’m an educator. I work with parents to make sure they receive the information and products they need to make their home safe.
Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer
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“It’s true that safe homes are in fact happy homes. It’s my life’s mission to make childhood safer and parenting easier. I’ve been able to achieve this through building two local companies, Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota and Foresight Childproofing, both which I own and operate.

Parents know they can rely on our services indoors and out. Inspired originally by the challenges of raising three young children as a stay-at-home father, I couldn’t be prouder to be committing my life to making homes safer in Minnesota and educating parents, one house at a time!”—Peter Kerin, Owner


Peter Kerin, Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota Owner

When I became a stay-at-home father twenty plus years ago, I learned firsthand the frustrations that come with trying to childproof your home.  At that time the challenge was a limited selection, of often poor quality, products.  Then the challenges of fitting and retrofitting my home successfully.  I was spending a lot of time and money to find solutions that were both safe and easy to use.

Something had to change and fast!

And so my personal mission to make childhood safer and parenting easier began.

I created Foresight Childproofing, combining my experiences as a parent with training, research and product knowledge with the goal of helping other parents eliminate the trial-and-error process of childproofing.  20+ years later, we have helped thousands MN families keep their children safe.

Shortly thereafter, I noticed several Clients had safety needs that extended outdoors to the pool area. Many had pools, and so it made sense to expand to providing pool fencing too.

Becoming a Life Saver Pool Fence installer for Minnesota helped me resolve the unique challenges and hazards posed by pools.

Happily, there was a safe, convenient and affordable solution to help prevent pool drownings and that was a physical pool barrier. Something reliable and tangible that could protect 24/7.

I wanted to zero in on the one thing a parent needs first, and that is a mesh pool fence.

I made sure our fences would be easy to live with, convenient to use and not cost prohibitive for parents. And I continued to educate parents as I installed fences in as many homes as possible.

Many years later, I continue my mission. I’m as passionate about pool and home safety as I have ever been and I am proud that I am making a difference.

If you are a parent and have any questions about pool safety, please get in touch with me, Peter Kerin, to talk.


Peter Kerin, Owner

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When clients hire Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota:

  • They work with me, Peter Kerin, directly from start to finish, every step of the process
  • They work with a child safety expert who can provide a complete solution
  • They work with a Certified professional who is fully committed to improving safety at homes, indoors and out
  • They work with a family run and operated business that does all of its work in-house with integrity and attention to detail
  • They work with an Owner that cares about his Clients and will be there for them years to come as needs evolve


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