7 Layers of Protection to Prevent Accidental Pool Drowning

Help prevent drownings by implementing the following 7 layers of protection:

7 Layers of Protection


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    In Minnesota, pool safety is important — especially for families with young children. Mainly because drowning is the primary cause of unintentional death among kids ages 1 – 4, according to the CDC. Familiarizing yourself with Life Saver Pool Fence’s 7 Layers of Protection is strongly recommended. By utilizing these safety measures, you enhance the protection for children and pets around the swimming pool.

    Why Does 7 Layers Matter?

    The significance of the 7 Layers of Protection is rooted in how sudden and quiet drowning can be. For anyone who owns a swimming pool, it’s critical to have several safety measures in place — even if you don’t have small children. Each additional safety layer significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents by acting as an extra line of defense. These seven layers offer a thorough way to secure the area around your pool.

    Here are the 7 Layers of Protection every pool owner should follow:

    1. Installing Pool Alarms and Door Locks: It’s important to have pool alarms because they serve as an early alert system, signaling if the pool area is accessed unexpectedly, which is critical for preventing accidents involving small children and pets. Adding locks on doors leading to the pool area further ensures that entry is controlled and monitored.
    1. CPR and Swimming Skills for Adults and Teens: Equipping household members with the ability to swim and perform CPR is a proactive step towards emergency preparedness. This training should extend to anyone who might be responsible for children, including babysitters and grandparents, as these skills are crucial in critical moments.
    1. Ongoing Education on Pool Safety Protocols: Regularly updating and educating all family members, caregivers, and babysitters on pool safety protocols, such as constant supervision and understanding the function and importance of alarms, solidifying a home’s defense against pool-related incidents. A united understanding among everyone ensures that safety measures are always followed.
    1. Priority Checks for Missing Children in the Pool Area: Emphasize the practice of checking the pool first whenever a child goes missing. This habit can drastically reduce response time in emergencies, potentially saving little ones’ lives by taking immediate action ‘without delay’.
    1. Comprehensive Pool Fencing: A robust fence around the pool not only prevents unauthorized access but also acts as a physical reminder of the pool’s boundaries. The fence should meet Minnesota’s safety standards, including a height of at least 4 feet and a self-closing, self-latching gate, to provide a secure barrier.
    1. Initiating Early Swim Lessons for Infants: Starting swim lessons for infants early on builds their confidence in the water and equips them with basic survival skills. Though not a replacement for supervision, these skills can be lifesaving if a child ends up in the water unexpectedly.
    1. Diligent Supervision and Water Watcher Designation: Assigning a dedicated water watcher during pool activities ensures someone is always monitoring for signs of distress, and ready to act quickly. Rotating between different people keeps the supervision fresh and attentive.

    By thoroughly implementing these 7 layers of protection, families can boost the safety around their pools, creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone.

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