Swimming Pool Safety Evaluation

Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years old. Multiple layers of protection are the solution. The more layers of protection in place, the safer the pool and the closer you are to a fail-safe system.

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    In Minnesota, we’re known for having the greatest outdoor adventures, award-winning parks, and trails in the country. But for pool owners, when we’re not out exploring the outdoors, we’re in the backyard pool swimming, having fun, and relaxing. That’s why at Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota we stress the importance of having a solid pool safety strategy that protects young children from drowning accidents. This includes installing sturdy barriers, such as a pool fence, reliable pool alarms, and basic safety education to protect young children. These steps are necessary for creating a safe space where children can enjoy playing without jeopardizing their safety.

    Physical Barriers: Creating a Secure Perimeter

    Pool Fence: A four-foot pool safety fence with gates that close and latch by themselves is essential. It acts as a barrier, keeping the pool off-limits to small children unless adults are there to watch.

    Automatic Cover: Think about getting an automatic cover for your pool. This can cover the pool fully when it’s not being used, helping to stop accidental falls.

    Pool Net: Have a pool net ready to clear out any floating debris or objects that might be dangerous for little kids

    Backyard Fence: Putting up a fence around your backyard adds extra safety, keeping small children away from the pool area.

    Locks and Alarms: Fit your doors and windows with top-notch locks and alarms to keep curious little kids and pets out of the pool area when they’re not supervised.

    Close Doggy Doors: If there’s a dog door, make sure it’s sealed off or taken out to stop children from getting to the pool area through it.

    Alarms: Providing an Extra Layer of Protection

    Alarms add an important safety feature:

    Wearable Immersion Alarms: For kids under 5, wearable alarms like the Safety Turtle are recommended. They go off if the child goes into the water alone.

    Pool Entry Alarms: Setting up alarms that notice when someone falls into the water can warn you of any pool use without supervision. This not only includes small children, but wild animals as well.

    Education and Training: Empowering Adults and Children

    Focus on educating both adults and children for enhanced pool safety:

    Swimming Skills for Kids: Make sure children over a year old learn swim survival techniques, giving them the ability to stay safe in water emergencies.

    Adult Swim Skills: All adults should know how to swim to aid children quickly if needed.

    CPR Training: Adults should also be trained in CPR to respond effectively in crises.

    Water Watcher Lanyards: Use these lanyards to designate a responsible adult for monitoring kids during pool time, ensuring constant supervision.

    Expert Guidance: Seeking Professional Advice

    Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota recognizes the importance of ensuring your pool is a safe space for children. Our team of experts is here to support you, ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of making your swimming area safer for the young ones. Our focus is to provide peace of mind for families by offering solutions and advice tailored to your unique pool safety needs.

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