Pool Fence Installations in Edina, MN

It is a fact that having a pool fence is important for young children and even pets because it helps keep them safe while they’re exploring, playing and running around the yard. The pool fencing will act as a physical barrier preventing kids from entering the pool area without adult supervision. Having a pool fence will also not only protect your own children, but your guests’ children, and neighbors.

The right pool safety fence like a mesh pool fence from Life Saver will guide their attention away from the pool area.

Pool owners have a responsibility to ensure that their pools are safe. This means taking measures to prevent children from gaining unsupervised access to the pool area. It is also important to teach children how to swim, as this can help them to avoid drowning in the event that they do end up in the water.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for children ages 1–14, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death after motor vehicle crashes. By taking precautions and providing instruction, pool owners can help to keep children safe and reduce the risk of drowning.

Minnesota’s pool fence regulation requires the fence to be:

  • at least five feet high;
  • equipped with self-closing, self-latching gates capable of being locked;
  • not have any opening greater than four inches;
  • not have any opening greater than two inches below the fence; and
  • not be a readily climbable design.

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Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota can help you install child pool safety fence that meets local requirements. The mesh fences that we install are made of high-quality materials that will never rot or fall apart over time. Small children and pets cannot grip onto and climb over.

Additionally, our self-closing gates will make it impossible for small children to enter the pool unsupervised. With our fence systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that your swimming pool is safe for everyone to enjoy.

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Pool owners have a lot to think about. They need to make sure their pool is the right size, shape and depth for their needs. They need to decide what type of pool safety fence system will work best for them. And, they need to choose the right pool fence.

    Pool fences from Life Saver Pool Fence of Minnesota are the strongest you can find in the industry. They’re easy to use and are removable, so you can take them with you when you move. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles to match your home’s décor. So, if you’re looking for a safe, stylish and durable pool fence, look no further.

    Our fence features include:

    Life Saver Pool Fence is the world’s top-selling pool fence. It has been approved by national governments and local authorities across America.

    Life Saver pool fence products are the toughest in their industry. They have a patented, virtually unbreakable triple reinforced solid core pole that is the strongest ever so far!

    The sleek, durable pool fence poles are made of aerospace aluminum that has been powder-coated for beauty and protection.

    The textilene® high mil mesh (12-12 mil) is made with marine-grade thread woven into a basket weave pattern. The fabric has an incredible tensile strength rating, making it one of the strongest on the market anywhere! This unclimbable black mesh material is 87% transparent, providing the best view of what’s going on by the fenced area.

    The fence is available in different colors including black, brown, white, tan, hunter green, or a combination of these colors.

    QuadStitch™ 4-sided reinforced vinyl borders. Pool fences are bordered on all 4 sides with a durable, classy looking material that will not unravel or curl up over time like other poor-quality materials.

    We also install Life Saver self-closing and self-latching gates in two styles – Square & Arched.

    Multiple height options ranging from 3 ½ft to 5 ft.

    Pool fences are the perfect way to keep your pool safe. They’re easy and quick-to store, making them a great option for those with small yards or who travel frequently!

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    About Edina, MN

    Edina, MN is a beautiful city located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The city is home to 50,000 people and is known for its high-quality schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Edina is also a great place to live if you enjoy shopping, as it is home to several malls and boutique shops.

    The city is also convenient to many different restaurants, movie theaters, and other entertainment options. In addition to its many amenities, Edina also has a lower cost of living than many other cities in the Twin Cities metro area.

    As a result, Edina is a great place to live for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

    The population is an estimated 51,746, according to the 2019 census records.

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