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When it comes to safeguarding your small children from pool accidents, installing a pool safety fence in Washington County, MN is not just an addition to your backyard—it’s a necessity. A pool fence serves as a vital physical barrier, preventing unsupervised access to the pool by small children. The mesh design of our fences ensures they are unclimbable, offering a reliable solution when the most vigilant adult supervision gets distracted.

In Washington County, MN, where outdoor living and pool enjoyment are part of our lifestyle, understanding the importance of pool safety is imperative. Drowning remains a leading cause of accidental injury and death among young children, making a pool safety fence an indispensable part of any home with a pool.

Life Saver Pool Fence of MN stands out by offering a durable pool safety fence in Washington County, MN, that is not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing. Our mesh pool fences are designed to blend with any backyard design, guaranteeing safety without sacrificing style.

Choosing Life Saver Pool Fence means opting for peace of mind, knowing that your children are protected by the strongest, most reliable barrier available. Don’t let another day go by without taking this important step towards making sure your pool area is safe. Contact us today for a free estimate and take the first step toward a safer tomorrow for your family. Call (612) 470-7590 or contact us online to request your FREE pool safety evaluation.

Drowning Facts

  • 40 drowning incidents in Minnesota (2019-2022)
  • 51,000 swimming pools in Minnesota
  • 133,892 housing units of homes in Washington County
  • Preventing drowning is entirely achievable. A combination of safety strategies, and the use of a mesh fence keeps children on the ground.
  • Alarmingly, 77% of children are spotted less than five minutes prior to their disappearance and tragic discovery in pools. This startling reality is hard to comprehend yet accurate.
  • Annually, two-thirds of drowning deaths take place in the period from May to August. It’s important to note that installing a fence around the pool creates a physical boundary separating your living space from the pool area.

Pool Safety Regulations in Washington County, MN

In Washington County, MN, there’s no distinct law for pool safety. However, Minnesota requires every pool fence owner to have a pool fence installed that is at least 4 feet tall.  Additionally, it should have a pool fence that cannot be climbable.

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence is an essential step toward making sure the small children are safe around the swimming pool. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) endorses the use of child pool safety fencing as a vital preventive measure. This recommendation comes from a recognition of the risks pools pose to young children, including the potential for accidental drownings.

    A Life Saver Pool Fence not only acts as a physical barrier preventing unsupervised access to the pool but also serves as relief for parents and guardians. By adhering to CPSC guidelines, homeowners can reduce the likelihood of pool-related accidents significantly and create a safer environment for small children to run and play.

    Life Saver Pool Fence Product Details (for the Premium Solid Core Pool Fence)

    Some of its features include:

    • Life Saver Pool Fence Product Highlights (Premium Solid Core Pool Fence):
    • QuadStitch™ 4 stitched vinyl borders on edges for durability and a refined appearance.
    • Aerospace-grade aluminum poles with a powder coat for long-lasting use.
    • Features Textilene mesh, a durable polyvinyl-coated nylon in basket weave, resistant to sunlight.
    • High mil Textilene® mesh (12-12 mil) with Marine grade thread, unclimbable, transparent, and with a tensile strength exceeding 387 pounds per square inch.
    • Maintains stability with tension-based supports.
    • Offered in heights ranging from 3 ½ ft to 5 ft and in a variety of colors, including clear black mesh.
    • Includes safety gates that are self-latching and self-closing, available in Square or Arched Top designs.
    • Designed with round-head fasteners and smooth edges for safety.
    • Installation via aluminum or plastic sleeves set into the deck.
    • Removable fences, easy to store, though advised to be maintained throughout the year.
    • Triple-reinforced solid poles provide strong support.
    • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty on all parts.
    • Manufactured in the USA using UV-resistant materials.
    • Compatible with all pool types and adaptable to different backyard settings.
    • Offers optional accessories such as Omni hangers and solar pool lights.

    The Life Saver Pool Fence is backed by an exceptional 100-year Warranty. This warranty assures customers that in the event of a manufacturer defect, their pool fence will be replaced, guaranteeing their investment is protected for many years.

    We offer a variety of pool fences, including the premium solid core fence. Available in an array of colors, from sleek classic transparent black to neutral tones. Pool owners can customize their pool area to match their style without compromising safety.

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    Self-Closing Pool Gates in Washington County, MN

    Every pool fence system requires a pool gate, to secure the safety of small children by preventing their unauthorized access to the pool area, while still allowing convenient entry for adults. Available in two styles, arched and square, these gates are designed with both safety and beauty in mind. The construction of the mesh pool gates makes them unclimbable, addressing one of the primary concerns for child safety around pools.

    Pool gates eliminate potential unsafe access points to the pool area, making sure the safety barrier around your pool is complete and effective. Without a secure gate, the fence system would not provide the full measure of protection needed to safeguard young ones from entering the pool area unsupervised.

    self-closing, self-latching pool gate

    Mesh Pet Fence in Washington County, MN

    The Life Saver Pool Fence isn’t just for protecting children; it serves as an effective barrier for pets too, making sure they remain on solid ground and away from the hazards of the pool. This versatile fencing can prevent pets from accidentally falling into the pool, an essential safety measure for pets that may struggle to exit the water unassisted. Additionally, the fence can be creatively utilized to establish an outdoor dog run, providing pets with a secure area to play and exercise while keeping them confined to a designated space.

    The mesh pet fence offers flexibility in home arrangements by allowing pet owners to section off parts of their property, such as a garage, creating a contained space for pets. This makes the Life Saver Pool Fence a comprehensive solution for pet safety and containment within and around your home.

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    About Washington County, Minnesota

    Washington County, located in Minnesota, is a vibrant area known for its picturesque landscapes and rich history. With an estimated population of 272,256 (2021).

    Among its attractions are the Scenic St. Croix River, which offers abundant recreational opportunities, and the historic Afton State Park, a popular destination for hiking, skiing, and camping enthusiasts.

    Washington County serves as a peaceful retreat with its lush parks and trails, while also providing visitors and residents alike with a taste of Minnesota’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures. That’s what we’re known for!
    Here are the top 5 landmarks:

    Areas We Serve in Washington County, Minnesota

    • Afton
    • Bayport
    • Brichwood Village
    • Cottage Grove
    • Dellwood
    • Forest Lake
    • Grant
    • Hugo
    • Lake Elmo
    • Lake Saint Croix Beach
    • Lakeland
    • Lakeland Shores
    • Landfall
    • Mahtomedi
    • Marine on Saint Croix
    • Newport
    • Oak Park Heights
    • Oakdale
    • Pine Springs
    • Saint Marys Point
    • Saint Paul Park
    • Scandia
    • Stillwater
    • Willernie
    • Woodbury

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